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Here are some images from my most recent exhibitions (2017 - 2021).
I had said I would finally publish these here and have now done so now. Updates for 2022-23 will also follow soon.
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— I have been showing work again, at the IRL POP-UP EXHIBITION with Foreign Objekt, at their new Foreign Objekt Space.Gallery in Berkeley, California, Feb 2024

— Some of my various Foreign Objekt project works can be found here, at their website

T.H., February 2024

— I am part of the collaborative performance project, based on Stig Dagerman's work called VÄXELSPEL, which was commissioned by Thommy Wahlström & Kulturrådet, and takes place during 2023-4, at Wiks Folkhögskola, Uppsala

— I have been taking part in both the SOUND & TIME LABORATORY (June 2023), & INTELLIGENCE UNBOUND (Sept 2023) online exhibitions, with Foreign Objekt

T.H., November 2023

— I recently began as a residency artist on the FOREIGN OBJEKT, 2022, research group program

T.H., October 2022

— My current and sustained collaboration with artist-musician duo Två Cirklar (Thommy Wahlström and Pål Stenqvist), culminated with our performance on April 9th (2022) of a collaborative work and project titled, Conditions of Redirection: A Triologue at Fylkingen in Stockholm. Here is a link to the event with more information from Fylkingen’s website:

*Further details and records of this event will follow shortly...

— Similarly, as this collaboration and project continues, more information on our future work together will be shared in due course.

T.H., June 2022

— I have recently exhibited my new ‘non-painting’ painting work, Nothing’s Really Matter at Sigtuna’s Kulturgård, as part of an exhibition with Sigtuna Folkhögskolan. My text for this work can be found here. Images of this piece with be added soon.

T.H., June 2021

— I will be presenting certain aspects of my PhD research at British Audio-Visual Research Network Virtual Colloquia on April 29th.

— I recently presented my paper, Time, ‘the Stack’ and its implications for the Post-Anthropocene, Posthuman and The Abstract Child, at the event Hope & Resistance in the Anthropocene. This event took place on February 19th; a version on the program can be found here.

T.H., March 2021

– I have now fixed a number of broken links on my ‘Writing’ page so these all work. Please feel free to look through some of this work if you like.  

– A link (work’s title) to my, mixed media ‘non-painting’ relief work, for Livet, Everybody Gets it in the End (w/ Konstfrämjandet) in Uppsala (August — September 2020) can now be viewed.

T.H., January 2021

– Here’s a link to the Livet exhibition on Konstfrämjandet’s webpage, which contains details of all the works and artists involved.

I will be exhibiting in Uppsala’s Konstfrämjandet’s outside exhibition and festival Livet, in Ulleråker, Uppsala. This exhibition opens on the 22nd of August and will run until the 6th of September.  More information will follow soon...

T.H., July 2020

– I have shared on my website a number of new drawings and montage pieces from the last year or so. These aim to follow in the same expansive, exploratory and thematic direction, of my current research project.

T.H., May 2020

– The April 2020 event at Fylkingen has been rescheduled now for November this year – This will consist of an audio-visual performance collaboration with Thommy WahlströmPål Stenqvist (as a duo they are called Två Cirklar) and other artists/musicians (text, sound, music and performance collaboration)

— My new website was launched on May 30th 2020...

— I am currently exhibiting a new sound work at Sigtuna Kulturgård as part of an exhibition with Sigtuna Folkhögskolan. This work is called No Expectations and it will be available on my SoundCloud account, with a description, when the exhibition nears its end on 7th of June. 


T.H., May 2020


It has been far too long since I updated the 'News' section of the website. This has been largely down to lack of time and resources but I should nonetheless, have detailed all 'comings and goings' before now. Although I have fairly regularly given details of most of the events that I have been involved in, since I last updated this page, on the 'Home' page of my website. This is something I will continue to do.
Nevertheless, here is a list of the exhibitions I have been (and will be) a part of and the works I have shown on these occasions. The artworks have been (or will be) linked also so you can see these pieces.

Here is a list of these recent events related to my research project's development:

– (as yet untitled), April 2020, Fylkingen – Audio, Visual, Performance collaboration with Thommy Wahlström and other artists/musicians (text, sound, music and performance collaboration)

FRAGMENT, February 2020, Sigtunastiftelsens (photo, text, design and installation work: …, STAR, …)

————— PAST —————

MOMENT, August/September 2019, Studio/Arts Spaces Milo and Hospitalet, Visby & Uppsala Kulturnatten 2019 (audio, visual, light and installation work: Forgetting Grand Little Events , together with Anna Glantz)

BEYOND UTMARKER, May 2019, Ateljéföreningen Hospitalet, Åhuset, Uppsala (photo, text, booklet and installation work: Cover Knowing)
A photo gallery with links and poster images is available here, which shows some selected images from these shows and events.

T.H., February 2020


On Saturday September the 8th, I was involved and exhibited in the exhibition Sinnebilder at Hospitalet Ateljéföreningen for Uppsala Kulturnatten 2018. We also hosted an open studio during this annual event.

Here is a link to my Writing page where you can view my most recent work Always Pushing (2018), which I exhibited during the Sinnebilder show

T.H., September 2018


In May 2018, Anna Glantz and I moved into our new studio at Hospitalet Ateljeforening in Ulleråker, Uppsala. Here is a relevant link to this new and enriching artistic centre and source. There are a number of potential projects evolving in and around this location and our practices there, of which more news I expect will follow shortly.

T.H., May 2018


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