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Here are links to a selection of articles and essays which I have written.
They were all completed for a variety of reasons – publishing details and dates for each piece, have also been included.

I continue to write and publish texts…

essays and critical texts:

—For Iaspis Open House, March 2016

Marked by Images — pt. 1>> (2011)
Marked by Images — pt. 2>> (2011)
Mapping the Exploding Whale>> (2013)
Individualism, mutualism and 'Big Dinner'>> (2013)

exhibition & artists' texts:

'The Vanguards' exhibition text — for Anna Glantz
'Human Blues' text (2014)
'schizo' (2013/14)
presentation text for: 'Abstract Child: Only Ever Close' (2016)
'Abstract Child: Only Ever Close' publication document (2016)
I Want to be Bored (2017)
in the portico, memories never are, nothing ever is (2018)
a little bit sad in one eye exhibition text (2018)
Forgetting Grand Little Events (2019)

texts from my practice:

— the most current pieces from my speculative theory-fiction text work —

Introduction to, 'Always Pushing' (2018)
the Ulleråker photo used in 'Always Pushing'
Always Pushing (2018)
Cover Knowing (2019)
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