Tam Hare’s online portfolio 2021

PhD in Music, Newcastle University

PhD Project Portfolio, 2021


My Cited Works…

— note. relevant links can be found in the image captions

fig i & ii. These are the front and back cover designs of 'Assured Un-certain Chances' (May 2021). This text will be performed as part of my ongoing collaboration with musicians ‘Två Cirklar’, at Fylkingen, Stockholm in November 2021. Due to the Covid pandemic, this event has had to be rescheduled a number of times since its original performance date. As a reference though, here are two short sections from — 1. December 2020 & 2. June 2021 —, of this work, performed and recorded together with ‘Två Cirklar’, at Hospitalet in Uppsala.

fig iii & iv. The middle page spread design of, 'Assured Un-certain Chances' (May 2021).

— As part of this work, I am also producing a draft essay, with Två Cirklar, provisionally entitled ‘Primed’. This text examines the project and collaboration, and it will be made available following our Fylkingen musical performance. However, an initial draft of it can be found here...

fig v. An installation shot of my photo, text, design and performed work ‘..., STAR, ...’. I exhibited this work during the exhibition ‘FRAGMENT’ (February 2020) at Sigtunastiftelsen, Sigtuna.
note. A performance reading of this text with ‘Två Cirklar’, can be heard here.

fig vi. These images are the cover and first page designs of 'Cover Knowing' (April 2019). This exhibited installation work and accompanied book, were exhibited and displayed at Åhuset in Uppsala.

fig vii & viii. One of my speculative ‘auto-theory-fiction’ text explorations and its devised structured design, ‘Always Pushing’, displayed with the archival portrait used as part of its creation. This piece was exhibited at Hospitalet, Uppsala in September 2018. 

fig ix & x. This is my key Fylkingen performance of ‘Abstract Child: Only Ever Close’ (May 2016), with one of Anna Glantz’s commissioned images, used in the project’s visuals and designs. 

fig xi. The front, back page spread and designs, from the ‘Portico’ text, exhibited at ‘A Little Bit Sad in One Eye’ exhibition (April 2018), for ‘Stockholm Art Week 2018’.

fig xii, xiii & xiv. The front, back cover and selected page designs from the ‘Abstract Child’ publication. Presented and distributed at Fylkingen as part of its performance event in May 2016.

fig xv. The ‘A Little Bit Sad in One Eye’ (April 2018) exhibition text and document designs, included to give some extra project development of the design context for this work.

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