Artist’s Statement

March 2022

(b. 1983 in Edinburgh, Scotland) I am an artist, writer-researcher based in Uppsala, where I have my studio. I began a PhD at Newcastle University in the UK, in the autumn of 2020. Through this research project, I am constructing a character using my foundational fiction-theory writing, collaborative performance philosophy practice and by studying Ray Brassier's 2015 Performing Arts Forum (PAF) lectures as the theoretical basis for this PhD.

The foundations of my research are text-based. However, I also work collaboratively, use sonic practices, design, other experimental image making, photography and film. These are all key elements of my work. Additionally, I work curatorially and in arts production.

PhD Research

My current PhD research is interested in contemporary philosophical rationalism and judgement, relating to continental philosophy’s long-standing tradition of character-construction. This investigation also intersects with these concerns and concepts: Time, ‘Modality’ (Semantics), and Capital & Abstraction. Through my work’s embodied characterisation therefore, I am focusing on cognition in relation to alienation and control, partly brought about by the self-generating digitalisation of ‘the everyday’.

The foundations of this philosophical character formulation gradually began in 2013, as a critical investigation into a subject positioned on the peripheries of societal life. This examination includes the analysis and expression of cited cognitive processes and their psychological depictions. The work is being realised as a collection of my fiction-theory texts that ultilise rule-governed practices, audio-visual materials and designs, and crucially, through collaborations that experiment with performance philosophy.

My writing and collaborative practice contextualises the PhD’s content and its methodology directs it. Improvisational practices are the basis for the methodology utilised in my current collaborations with Swedish musicians Två Cirklar (A Trialogue, Fylkingen, April 2022), and Scottish artist John Bryden and others (Tinnitus Channelled, ongoing). These works, such as my tinnitus research, are integral to the project’s experimentations with philosophical performance. The application of these works and their wider implications, also affects the character and collaborative themes within my fiction-theory and performance practices.

Further Research Interests

Additionally, I also have an interest in, have written on and engaged with some of the following theoretical themes, subjects and trends: post-humanism, accelerationism, prometheanism, speculative philosophies and their histories, materialism, postcolonial studies, critical theory, film and cinema, visual culture, art criticism and curatorial studies, new music and sonic practices, marxism and psychoanalysis.


Recent Working Bio

I gained a BA honours degree in Film, Photography & Digital Imaging (2009) and an MA in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster, London (2011). Since moving to Sweden, I have completed courses in Research Writing (Linnaeus University, 2017) and Philosophy (Stockholm University, 2018). I graduated from Konstfack’s CuratorLab course in June 2016. This project’s event culminated at Fylkingen in Stockholm. I was the curator, artist-performer, designer, writer & publisher on the project. It was a collaborative work entitled Abstract Child: Only Ever Close and specifically led to my PhD research project.

Presently, I continue to work on my ongoing research project and self-publish various materials as part of this process. Equally, I have been exhibiting, collaborating, performing and curating regularly since my undergraduate degree. Recently I exhibited two pieces from a ‘non-painting’ relief series in Uppsala for the exhibition Livet with Konstfrämjandet, and at the Kulturgård in Sigtuna respectively (September 2020 & May 2021); also a photo-installation text work at the show Fragment in Sigtunastiftelsen (February 2020). My most recent PhD research project manifestation takes place in April 2022 at Fylkingen, after over two years of collaborative research. This performance collaboration is with composers and artists Två Cirklar (Thommy Wahlström & Pål Stenqvist). We have been developing this work extensively together during the pandemic and it will be realised finally in April. Similarly, ongoing and relating to my PhD’s character development, is a multi-participatory project evolving around tinnitus, other sonic ‘disturbances’ and the broader concept of noise that I recently started with musician and composer John Bryden — with other proposed future collaborations being discussed and considered as part of this work’s theme. At my studio in Uppsala, I am also a member of the artist-run federation Hospitalet. We have collaborated and staged exhibitions together, working on a number of shows since 2018. Such as, Sinnebilder (September 2018), Beyond Utmarker held at Åhuset (May 2019), and the show Moment and exchange staged on Visby, which then returned to Uppsala (August/September 2019).

Finally, professionally I have worked with organisations such as Limbo, Turner Contemporary (Margate), Ambika P3 Gallery (London), Herbert Reed Gallery (Canterbury) – Kulturens, KTH, Färgfabriken, Bonniers Konsthall & Konstfack in Sweden. While at Konstfack, I was also part of the programming team and wrote a published essay for Iaspis Open House Spring 2016. During this time, I planned and organised a talk by the influential theorist Benjamin Noys on accelerationism at Tensta Konsthall and additionally, the Higher Seminar which he gave at Konstfack.

After three years working in education and arts production in Stockholm, I began my PhD in autumn 2020. I have been specifically working towards this since early 2017.


Summary of my PhD project

My PhD contributes to continental philosophy’s long-standing tradition of character-construction, by engaging with sonic/musical performance and contemporary philosophy. This creation focuses on philosophical ‘fictions’, conducted using my fiction-theory and cross-disciplinary collaborative performances. From working in these fields, I construct a (speculative) character as a vehicle that depicts their cognitive processes. This happens through a fusion of music and performance philosophy that tests philosophical conceptions of rationalism/reason.

This character-construction is formed through my reading of Ray Brassier’s lectures at PAF and is interested in philosophy’s preoccupation with embodied characterisations. By bringing these disciplines together, I explore distinctive creative-critical areas to innovate and experiment with performance philosophy.

Hence, my proposed project title currently is as follows: Always Pushing Away the Abstract Child: Constructing a character, ‘the Abstract Child’ through my fiction-theory writing practice, collaborative performance philosophy, and by using Ray Brassier's 2015 Performing Arts Forum lectures as the theoretical basis for this PhD.

Tam Hare, March 2022


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