I knew it was our teachers' duty to crush us as much as possible; they demanded virtues of us which they themselves did not possess, the history they set before us was a hoax devised by grown-ups in order to belittle us and keep us in our places.

Herman Hess, ‘History, 1918’, from If The War Goes On

Artist's Statement...

This cinematic moment from It's a Wonderful Life (directed by Frank Capra, 1946) for me conveys the idea of 'innocence lost'. I am exploring the significance of this perception in the work.

By projecting this clip on a relentless loop and coupling it with an audio track recorded from everyday noise, music and ambient sound, I aim to decentre the viewer by permeating the darkened space. The light boxes, film loop and soundtrack have been put together in order to create a sense of confusion and alienation.

The photographic images were created in order to merge visually and thematically with the film in a specifically designed space. They combine the personal with the collective. The imagery has been constructed so as to bring together a sense of youthful experience with themes related to social conditioning and ideological control.

This work is a critical response to my views on the dichotomies I feel exist between certain supposed moralities within social structures.

Have, Have Not by Tam Hare on Vimeo

Projected film loop and soundtrack, exhibited at the P3 Gallery London, in September for the MAPS 2011 show.

Have, Have Not
installation record

This is a short film of the installation Have, Have Not from the MAPS 2011 exhibition at the Ambika P3 gallery, London. The sequence includes – the entire audio track, which underlies the piece, an edit of the installation shot from various positions within the space, the still images used in the lightboxes and the central film loop from It's a Wonderful Life (dir. Frank Capra, 1946).
note. the introductory film loop lasts for 1.3 mins before the film titles begin.

Tam Hare, 2012

Have, Have Not installation images, from the Ambika P3 Gallery, London

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