Conditions of Redirection: A Trialogue

– This is an ongoing collaboration between Två Cirklar and myself. The first performance of which was given at Fylkingen on April 9th 2022. The final performance was between 45 and 50 minutes in duration.

— Here are recorded film and audio clip samples from our collaboration’s eventual performance.

[*I am currently working on a complete film version of this performance. This will have a superior audio-visual quality that represents more accurately how this was on the evening for the audience.]

  — A short film clip from this Fylkingen performance, as an example
  — A short audio section from this performance also

Again, these recordings’ quality is not the greatest but it hopefully still gives an adaquate indication of some of the work and its performance.

(x4 slides) These images were taken during our performance at Fylkingen in Stockholm...

— Here is a link to Fylkingen’s webpage, which contains our texts with more information regarding this event and collaboration.

— The concise explanatory press texts about the collaboration and performance, used as a handout during the event can be accessed here also.

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