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dr. david kelly series (2007)>>

This is the first of several works I have made that focuses on the death of the scientist and weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly. The political situation and consequences of this event and those surrounding it have been central to the creation of my imagery here. By analysing, what I deem as being other related prominent historical episodes, I have attempted to make connections visually between these different significant and largely catastrophic occurrences.

This silkscreen triptych series was produced by using images taken by me both digitally and on film, scans from books and other published sources, and finally from online archives. The images and their colours have been composed so as to suggest some of the issues associated with these events.

The work of the artist John Heartfield's has been a noted inspiration for this series. My aim was to use photo-montages and prints in a way that enabled the viewer to make connections between the imagery and their content/context; much in the way Heartfield was able to do in his work.

Photo Etching >>