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tam hare's
- artist's statement 2016 -

My work explores how an individual's societal conditioning relates to underlying socio-economic factors and ideological controls. What connections this evaluation has with the modern economic 'state' systems and institutions, which form our existences, is central to this task. Through this research, I focus on what effects globalisation and the prevalence of ever-expanding sources of knowledge, are having on dominant social orders. Specifically, I am interested in information and knowledge obtained from new origins like, 'the new media' and internet, and their present roles in the prevailing capitalist system.

I also examine social and psychological isolation and its links to the individual positioned within the globalised capitalist system. Principally this study includes an inquiry into the reasons how and why, a subject's independent psychological condition is affected when a society, which has become increasingly contradictory, is revealed and starts to be understood. And as a consequence of this, what ruptures may occur in such instances?

For each project my intention is to work intuitively, and develop my practice through researched experimentations, with the aim of allowing the work to be conceived instinctually.

Although, due to my background, much of my work is photographic and camera-centric - I utilise video, installation assemblages, audio and text. As much as possible however, I have not strictly limited my chosen media and try to explore different methods of working. As a result, you will find works here made using a number of other media, such as text, audio, printmaking, montage, drawing and painting.

Furthermore, writing and theoretical research is fundamental to my work. I regularly publish texts and have included a selection of these written pieces here.

At present, the imagery and texts on my site are categorised as follows: Projects, Writing, Drawing, Montage, Printmaking.

I can be contacted here if you have any questions regarding my work.

T.H. June 2016

- artist's cv -